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Professionals in Transition


The BSC Career Center provides services, resources, and

assistance to all BSC graduates and alumni. We offer

support to job starters and job changers alike.


The BSC Career Center is happy to offer flexible scheduling for recent graduates, long-time graduates, and lifelong alumni. We offer extended sessions, telephone consultation, or e-mail exchange to accommodate individuals who travel long distances or who live out of state.



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Career Crisis


Identifying and Capitalizing on a Mid-Career Crisis
Preparing for a Corporate Layoff

Career Crisis

Facing Your Mid-Career Crisis
Dealing With a Mid Life Career Crisis
How to Be Happy at Work
How to Make the Most of a Dead End Job
When the Mid-Life Career Crisis Hits
Good Reasons to Quit Your Job
Feeling Stuck: Changing Career Paths Midlife
Breaking Into a New Career
Signs of a Midlife Crisis
Work Related Stress and Burnout
How to Leave a Toxic Workplace
How to Avoid a Mid Life Career Crisis
Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Job Loss Resources



Financial Tips


Cost of Living

Personal Finance Tips

How Debt Works

First Time Renter Guide

Financial Planning
Financial Tips for College Grads
Credit Guide for College Grads
College Grad's Guide to Getting Credit
Personal Finance Tips for College Grads

College Grad's Financial Guide


Career and Life Success

Real World Tips for College Grads
Get Noticed and Get Ahead
Welcome to the Real World
Reality of the Real World
Rules to Follow to Get Ahead in Your Career
Transition Tips for New College Grads
Career Success: Tips to Excel in Your Career
Tactics for Getting Ahead at Work
Showing Professionalism in the Workplace
Habits of Employees That Get Promoted
Shocking Statistics: Millennial Challenges
Confused Millennial: Entering the Workforce
How to Get a Promotion at Work
New Grad to New Job

Fastest Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career
Professional Behavior at Work
Guide to Getting a Promotion

SNL: Corporate Nightmare Song



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Time Management Tips for College Students

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Student/Alumni Policy Statement



Alumni in Handshake


BSC alumni are invited to join Handshake, our

on-line career management system and employer

database. It is a very effective way for BSC graduates

to stay in touch with the BSC campus and to network

with BSC community partners.


Join Handshake


Simply log in to Handshake and click on the

"students" tab. Then click on the "alumni" tab.

BSC alumni can register in the Handshake system

by requesting approval for a Handshake account.

Your request will be approved once you are verified

as a BSC alumni.


Join Handshake


As a BSC alumni, you can log in using your BSC email

account or your personal or company email account.

Once approved, alumni are asked to complete their

Handshake profile by answering the questions and

providing the relevant data.

Be sure to include your year of graduation. And be

sure your setting is for "alumni."


Join Handshake





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Lowering Your Stress

Stress/Mental Health

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Getting Proper Exercise

Professional Etiquette

Getting Ahead in Your Career

Workplace Issues

Career Crisis

Changing Course

Successful Career Change

Job Loss Resources



Career Transition

For professionals in transition, the issues and concerns regarding career change can be critical.  For mature, experienced workers considering a mid-life career transition,
many important factors must be addressed.  Are there new directions you want to explore?  Is it time to try new things?  Are you seeking a new challenge?  Are you seeking more freedom and independence?

Successful Career Change
Making the Most of Your Mid-Life Career Transition
Unconventional Mid-Life Career Change Tips
What Makes a Successful Mid-Life Career Transition?

Making a Mid-Life Career Change
Simple Steps to Mid-Life Career Change Success

Job Loss Resources


Videos: Workplace Issues

Mistakes I Made at My First Job
College Habits That Don't Fly in the Workplace
What I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Career

Find Your Passion

Warning Signs You Should Get a New Job
How to Know Your Life Purpose
Design Your Life
Don't Find a Job, Find a Mission
Do What You Like, Like What You Do
How to Change Careers When You're Lost
Change Your Career, Step Into Your Strengths
The Job Hunt is Dead
Unconventional Career Advice

Our Definition of Failure is All Wrong

Finding the Work You Love

How to Make Your Life a Success

Consider a Change in Career

Changing the World Starts with You

How Successful People Think

What Skills Lead to Success
Skills for the Future Workforce
Strengthening Your Soft Skills

What Are You Going to Do with What You Have?

Redefining Happiness

Stop Wishing, Start Doing

Life Lessons

Doing Good for Others





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