"As a general rule, the most successful people in life are those who have the best information."

"Too many people try to make a career decision without first having the information they need."


"To assist in the career decision-making process, the counselor should be alert to the most relevant labor market information available. The availability of resources has grown tremendously in the last twenty years. Thus, counselors must assist clients in sorting out the most relevant information, monitoring the process of collection, and eventually integrating the information with other resources such as test data."

"You need to find out as much as possible about a career before you prepare to enter it."

"Information is power. Without factual information about careers and the job market, you are without power, flying in a sandstorm."


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Printed Materials

A wide range of books, publications, and other printed material are available that address such topics as career choice, the job market, and information on specific careers. This kind of published information is generally accessible through school and public libraries, career resource centers, company reports, corporate literature, industrial directories, chambers of commerce, employee handbooks, professional organizations, and government agencies. Be sure the information you are gathering is from trusted sources and that it is accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive.


On-Line Resources

Whether one is researching a company or gathering topical data, an increasing amount of information is available electronically (or digitally) through the use of an on-line computer. Many researchers find it very convenient to "surf" the Internet or the World Wide Web for needed information. Most companies maintain websites which offer a wealth of detailed information about their organizations. Similarly, schools, colleges, agencies, and non-profit organizations provide extensive information to researchers who visit their websites. Through various "search engines," a computer user can access specific information very quickly by entering key words, titles, or topics.


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People in the Field

Identify key players or prominent figures in your particular field of interest. You may meet these people through career fairs, conventions, conferences, professional meetings, or your teachers, counselors, and advisors. One of the best ways to find out about a career is to talk with people who are actually working in that career. This can be accomplished through any number of methods by which you can meet and interact with professionals in your field, including information interviewing, job shadowing, or mentorships.

Personal Experience

Perhaps the best way to learn what a career is actually like is to personally experience it firsthand. You can obtain this experience or exposure to a particular career through a variety of relatively risk-free arrangements... Get a part-time job in your field of interest. Do volunteer work in your field of interest. Explore the possibility of a cooperative education program or an internship in your field of interest. Take a course related to your field of interest. Or consider "job shadowing," an arrangement whereby you ask to spend a day or two on the job with someone in your field of interest.






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It is very important that you thoroughly investigate your career options. Effectively investigating or researching a particular career involves gathering as much relevant data as possible. The best sources of viable information related to careers are printed materials, internet resources, people in the field, and your own firsthand personal experience.

By using the resources you have available to you to research and explore your career options, you can enter the job market well prepared. Moreover, you will develop a great sense of confidence and focus that will give you increased credibility and empower you as you venture forward in pursuit of your career.

To be successful in your serious career exploration activities, become proficient in the use of all of the most comprehensive research tools available to you... the library... publications… the internet... information interviews... mentoring activities… job shadowing. Be a tireless investigator. Be informed. Gather as much information and data as you can from a variety of sources.


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