Career Development Center


Mission Statement


The University of Montevallo Career Development Center enhances student success by providing innovative educational programs, services, and resources that empower students to explore, define, and pursue meaningful employment and thrive in an ever-changing job market and workplace.



Vision Statement

As a result of a comprehensive career planning and professional development process, integral to the overall college experience, all University of Montevallo students will be personally responsible, professionally focused, self-directed, well prepared, fully equipped, and actively sought by employers.



Career Action Plan

Career development is a life-long learning process of exploration and decision-making and is best conceptualized by the following planning model:


Discovering personal strengths and life direction.

Researching options and choosing a career path.


Getting involved and gaining experience in activities relevant to a chosen career.

Building confidence and credibility.


Organizing resources and ensuring preparedness.

Pursuing and obtaining meaningful career opportunities.



Values Statement

We seek to provide professional, comprehensive, innovative, high quality and compassionate services to all of our clients.

We encourage informed and responsible decision-making regarding career and life goals.

We strive to provide a safe, inclusive and affirming environment that is respectful and supportive of our diverse community.

We endeavor at all times to act with integrity and honesty and to adhere to high standards of professional and ethical conduct and fair and equitable practices.

We believe in empowering students to be independent, self-directed, and self-reliant career planners.

We promote experiential education opportunities and a philosophy of career exploration and experience-based learning.

We value collaborative efforts through internal teamwork and external partnerships.



Diversity Statement


The University of Montevallo Career Development Center strives to provide a safe, inclusive, welcoming and affirming environment that is respectful and supportive of our diverse community.

Therefore, we provide services to all of our clients without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, language, religious and political affiliation, age, family status, social and economic background, lifestyle, ability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.


We value, promote and celebrate all identities and presentations. We seek to foster a civil atmosphere that is open to a variety of perspectives, philosophies and points of view.


We embrace and appreciate the differences in all people. With a pledge to display empathy, acceptance and unconditional positive regard, we encourage our students to be their authentic selves, without fear of judgment or rejection.



Career Action Plan

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