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Effective career and life planning begins with a firm determination of who you are. A strong sense of self-awareness will give you the confidence you need to plan your future. The first step is a true understanding of yourself. Of all the people in the world worth knowing, you should know yourself best. When we gain better insight into ourselves, we can see more clearly the world around us. Self-understanding is also the first step toward better understanding of others. When we have a sense of who we are, we are better able to make decisions about things that affect our lives. We are able to make important choices concerning such things as academic major, marriage, lifestyle and career direction. Knowing yourself prepares you to be more effective in making decisions and setting goals.



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Know Yourself
Knowing yourself prepares you to be more effective in making decisions and setting goals. In attempting to determine where you want to go and what you want to do, it is particularly important to determine who you are. It is vital in career and life planning to gain a clear understanding of yourself and firm determination of who you are.
"We were meant to work in ways that suit us, drawing on our natural talents & abilities as a way to express ourselves & contribute to others. This work is a key to our true happiness & self-expression."
-MARSHA SINETAR | Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow


Purpose and Passion

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Who are you? Where are you going? What is the right career for you? What is the right major? Is there a specific career for your personality type?

Think about the activities that you perform on a daily basis. Which ones are your favorite? Which ones are you particularly good at? Which ones do you particularly enjoy? Which ones are the most important to you? Which ones are the most meaningful? These questions are the key to considering how you feel about the activities you're engaged in.

Consider three aspects of all activities...


INTERESTS - What activities do I like to do?

SKILLS - What activities am I good at doing?

VALUES - What activities are consistent with my beliefs?


Finding the Work You Love

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PASSION | What do I love?


The things you love to do are called interests. Interests are things you find desirable, fun, or pleasant. Interests are activities you find enjoyable. Interests are things you have a passion for. Identifying your interests adds excitement and vitality to your life.

TALENT | What am I good at?

Activities that you are good at doing are called skills. Skills are expressed by ability, strength, talent, and aptitude. Skills determine expertise, competency, proficiency, and dexterity. Skills may be defined in terms of mastery, power, knowledge, and intelligence. Skills are oftentimes reflected in your accomplishments, achievements, and successes. Identifying your skills increases your sense of confidence.


PURPOSE | What do I think is important?

The things in life that you consider to be important are reflected in your values. Values are expressed in beliefs, priorities, attitudes, feelings, and principles. Values relate to your dispositions, needs, opinions, and preferences. Values address what really matters most to you in your life and what is essential. Clarifying values provides the criteria by which you determine meaning and purpose in your life.


Defining Success

Don't Live Each Day as If it Were Your Last

Do What You Like, Like What You Do

Career Planning: Interests, Skills, Values

What Should I Do With My Life?

Multi Passions | Multi Callings

Don't Strive to Famous, Strive to Be Talented

How to Find Your Passion

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Match Game
Effective goal setting and decision making begin with a serious consideration of one's interests, skills, and values. These personal characteristics, when integrated with real world options, become the starting point for career and life planning. Effective career and life planning seeks to match your unique personality with specific job requirements.
Once you have defined the internal realm of your personality, you then must explore the external world of your career options. Through serious assessment of your personal traits and thorough investigation of various job-related factors, you can effectively make a good match and find a good fit.


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Sound decision-making and goal setting is greatly enhanced when you are able to define the setting and circumstances in which you are the most satisfied and productive. When you have a strong sense of self-awareness and a broad knowledge of your options, you are better able to make decisions about things that affect your life. You are able to make important choices

concerning such things as academic major, activities, marriage, lifestyle, leisure, and career direction.


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Career Testing Services

Learn more about your personality type. Explore your career options. Begin the career planning and goal setting process. Get focused. Gather the tools and resources you need to ensure your career success.

The UM Career Development Center offers comprehensive, professional career testing to students seeking help in choosing the right academic major and career path. Career testing provides students assistance in identifying their unique personality type, affirming their strengths, and defining their interests, skills, and values. The results of your career test, along with an in-depth conversation with a career counselor, can provide the critical information you need to make a good decision about your career path and academic major. We will help you match your personality to the career path that is the best fit for you.



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