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"Career planning and job seeking skills have now become essential survival skills in our economy."


Successful job seeking requires aggressive action. It requires a significant investment of time, money, energy and ego. It requires hard work. To survive in today's highly competitive and rapidly changing job market, you will need the right attitude, the right mental approach, the right preparation and a new set of survival skills. You will need... A good understanding of yourself and the right job for you... Knowledge of types of jobs and what they require... A method to help you choose and plan long-term career goals... Knowledge of effective job-seeking skills... And how to succeed on the job once you have it.


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"Conducting a successful job search isn't simple, nor does it begin when you suddenly find yourself in need of a job.  The search requires ongoing preparation -- and a lot of commitment, hard work, risk-taking and luck.  The trick isn't just to get a job, but to get a job that fits you.  The job search isn't simply a matter of who will hire you now, but of what career path you'll pursue."



Job Search Skills
Networking Techniques
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Traditional Job Seeking

These traditional or more passive methods of job seeking are effective for the 30 percent of the job market that is represented by ads that are publicly advertised:
--Scanning job lists
--Responding to publicly advertised ads on the internet
--Posting resumes on big board websites
--Applying to corporate human resources offices
--Applying to a government employment office
--Signing up with a private employment agency
--Signing up for on-campus interviews

Non-Traditional Job Seeking

These non-traditional, or more aggressive forms of job seeking are effective in penetrating the Hidden Job Market, which represents 70 percent of all jobs:

--Attending career fairs
--Utilizing internal directories, databases, and membership lists to identify contacts
--Meeting people in your field through membership in professional organizations
--Contacting acquaintances, friends, relatives, and other inside contacts for information and referrals

--Researching your field and your market
--Making cold call contacts with employers
--Networking and Prospecting
--Utilizing self-initiated, relationship-oriented approaches


"Entry-level or experienced, job seekers revving up for the equivalent of an athletic event, a competitive joust with thousands of other qualified applicants. Today, job seeking requires the cunning of a military strategist and the energy of a professional quarterback. What does it take to get a job today? Shrewd maneuvering along with a new attitude about career and self. Job seekers have to be tough, resilient and flexible."



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Trends and Realities

Serious-minded career planners can be successful in devising effective strategies through a better awareness and understanding of the trends and realities of the job market.

--People are changing jobs more often
--More college graduates are entering the job market
--More jobs will require computer skills
--The economy is becoming more global
--The workplace is becoming more diverse
--Fewer jobs exist in larger corporations
--Many new jobs now exist in smaller companies
--Service sector jobs are growing more rapidly
--Most jobs are still not advertised


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Hidden Opportunities

Only 30 percent of all jobs are publicized through traditional channels. The remaining 70 percent are never made public. In reality, most of the best jobs are not ever advertised. In general, employers don't like to advertise. Advertising causes a lot of extra work. And oftentimes, employers simply don't need to advertise their job openings. Oftentimes the best jobs are not the ones that are posted in ads or on-line. The response rate for answering ads is oftentimes poor due to a flooded applicant pool. Candidates utilizing traditional approaches oftentimes find they are not interacting directly with the hiring manager, but instead are forced to deal with a third party.

Penetrating the Hidden Job Market requires an assertive attitude on the part of the job seeker. It requires the candidate to take the initiative and be willing to conduct a lot of research beforehand and a
lot of follow-up during the process. Because the Hidden Job Market cannot be penetrated by traditional methods, the job seeker will have to be more aggressive, by researching, networking, prospecting, and cold calling. The successful job seeker will have to be more of an initiator than a responder. He or she will need to do more than simply apply for jobs, but also conduct extensive market research and seek opportunities to establish critical relationships. The candidate must know all about the industry and the market. The candidate must pursue companies rather than jobs. People very often get jobs through someone they know. Personal contacts and referrals are critical. Getting to know insiders is a very effective way of getting good referrals.



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Job Search Skills
Networking Techniques
Campaign Outline


Better Results

Typically, job seekers get better results when they utilize more progressive, non-traditional methods. Generally, the self-initiated, relationship-oriented approaches are more effective than the passive, traditional approaches. Successful job hunters seek to be initiators instead of responders and engage in a lot of follow-up activity. Becoming a serious candidate is much preferred to being a mere applicant. For better results, do more than simply apply for available jobs, research the whole market and gather information about your entire industry or field.


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