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Greetings to our community partners! Thank you for your interest in UM students! Our comprehensive and professional services to employers include:


Job/Internship Posting

Information Tables

On-Campus Interviews

Career Fairs/Expos

Information Sessions

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Employer/Recruiter Policy Statement

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Meeting Your Staffing Needs


We provide comprehensive recruiting services to bring employers and students together and serve as a catalyst for helping employers fill full-time, part-time, and internship positions. We are happy to assist employers with their current recruiting efforts and ongoing staffing needs. We feel certain we can help you identify qualified candidates from among our talented student population. We offer on-campus interviewing, career fairs, information sessions, information tables, job postings, and more.


Thank you for your support of UM students.  We appreciate your partnership. We are eager to establish an ongoing working relationship with you and look forward to future collaborations.


UM Academic and Campus Information


Organizations seeking candidates from among the UM student population may find it helpful to be familiar with the UM curriculum and academic programs. Information is posted here for your use in learning more about the University of Montevallo and its degrees, majors, and faculty.


UM Information

UM Campus Map

UM Undergraduate Majors

UM Graduate Studies

UM Campus Clubs and Organizations

UM Campus Directory



Career Fairs


Throughout the year, we host career fairs, career days, and opportunity expos on the UM campus to bring together employers and students. These recruiting events provide employers the opportunity to increase their visibility, disseminate information, and collect resumes from potential applicants. Students have the benefit of meeting prominent employers and gathering valuable information about fulltime, part time, and internship opportunities. We invite you to join us in creating these exciting networking opportunities and encourage you to participate in our next event.


On-Campus Interviews


The UM Career Development Center invites you to use our convenient and comfortable facilities to conduct private interviews with our students and alumni. We will help you arrange your on-campus interview. Your arrangements can be customized to meet your unique needs. To schedule your visit, contact the UM Career Development Center.


Information Tables


The UM Career Development Center would be happy to make arrangements for you to set up an Information Table in our student center or cafeteria. These high-traffic locations are an ideal spot for recruiters to promote their organization, disseminate information, and talk to potential candidates. To reserve your table, contact the UM Career Development Center.


Information Table Policy

Tips for Successful Info Table/Trade Show Tabling

Tips and Ideas for Tabletop Promotion


Information Table Tips


The UM Career Development Center encourages employers and representatives to take full advantage of their Information Table as an on-campus recruiting opportunity. We support any promotional and public relations activities conducted by our visiting recruiters in their effort to provide employment opportunities to UM students.

For your Information Table efforts to be effective, we recommend a more active, rather than passive, approach. Feel free to engage the students and interact with them.


Give students who approach your Information Table a friendly greeting and welcome their questions. Be sure that your body language is friendly. Don't stand there with your arms crossed over your chest, for instance. Chat with visitors, and find out what aspect of your business they're most interested in. Be prepared to offer specific answers to their questions. The trick is to draw them in without intimidating or overwhelming them. Get out from behind your table and get off your phone/computer. Sometimes, exhibitors sit behind their tables while attendees stand looking down at them. Get up and engage.


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Job Postings


The UM Career Development Center offers employers the opportunity to advertise employment and internship opportunities on-line, on our campus and on our website. The UM Career Development Center will post job announcements in behalf of employers who meet certain requirements.


Job announcements must include the following information: Name of organization, job title, location, job description, qualifications, and contact information (including contact person, address, telephone number, e-mail address).  Optional information may include: company information, salary, benefits, special circumstances, application instructions.


The UM Career Development Center does not post blind ads, in which the company or organization is not identified. The UM Career Development Center does not post ads that direct applicants to a third party or intermediary system (website) without also providing contact information to allow the candidate to correspond with an actual person.


On-line job posting is reserved for fulltime, permanent professional positions and internships offered by official, legitimate employers representing formal businesses and organizations.



Employer/Recruiter Policy Statement

Information Table Policy

Writing Job Postings

Job Posting Samples

Job Posting Tips


Job announcements must include the following information:  

Name of Organization - Clearly identify the name of the company, organization, firm, or agency

Type of Business - Clearly identify the type of work the company performs

Job Title - Provide a descriptive job title

Location - Physical address, city and state

Job Description - Functions, tasks, duties, responsibilities

Qualifications - Requirements and expectations regarding skills, credentials, education, and experience

Contact Information - Include contact person, address, telephone number, e-mail address


Optional data may include:


Company Information



Special Circumstances

Application Instructions

Link to Website


Employer/Recruiter Policy Statement

Information Table Policy

Writing Job Postings

Job Posting Samples



Information Table Tips


Feel free to add persuasive and eye-catching elements to your table area to build excitement and enhance your message.


Make sure you have plenty of promotional literature, brochures, and business cards to give out. Distributing promotional items, gifts, giveaways, and prizes is usually very effective in drawing interest. Offering snacks is also a big crowd pleaser.

Signage is of particular importance. It is certainly recommended that recruiters prominently display their company name and logo.  Colorful graphics and bright images are very effective.


We further recommend to use of secondary signage to draw attention to special features that might inspire additional interest.

For example, if the benefits of your program or product are not immediately obvious, it could be very effective to post a sign on your table that says “Great Entry-Level Job” or “Excellent Growth Potential” or “Tuition Reimbursement” or “Great Salary and Benefits Package.”

Another example of helpful secondary signage might include signs that target the intended audience: “Attention: Science Majors” or “Seeking History Majors” or “Opportunities for English Majors” or “Open to All Majors.”


Use of technology can be helpful in communicating your brand.  Video displays, slideshows, and other media typically attract attention.  Be careful with loud music.


Information Table Policy

Tips for Successful Info Table/Trade Show Tabling

Tips and Ideas for Tabletop Promotion