Policy and Instructions


The UM Career Development Center offers employers the opportunity to advertise employment and internship opportunities on our website. We will post announcements on behalf of employers for fulltime, part time, volunteer, and internship opportunities.

Job announcements must include the following information: Name of organization, job title, location, job description, qualifications, and contact information (including contact person, address, telephone number, e-mail address). Optional information may include: company information, salary, benefits, special circumstances, application instructions.

The UM Career Development Center does not post blind ads, in which the company or organization is not identified. We do not post ads that solely direct applicants to a third party or intermediary system (website) without also providing company data and contact information to allow the candidate to correspond with an actual person.

On-line job posting is reserved for official, legitimate employers representing formal businesses and organizations.


Employers are asked to submit their job announcements via e-mail by using the link provided on this site. The job announcement should be written according to the guidelines provided on this site. The text of the job announcement may be submitted in MS Word or PDF (converted not scanned) format as an attached document. Or it may be included within the body of the e-mail.

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Job announcements must include the following information:

Name of Organization - Clearly identify the name of the company, organization, firm, or agency
Job Title - Provide a descriptive job title
Location - General address, city and state
Job Description - Functions, tasks, duties, responsibilities
Qualifications - Requirements and expectations regarding skills, credentials, education, and experience
Contact Information - Include contact person, address, telephone number, e-mail address

Optional data may include:

Information About the Company
Special Circumstances
Application Instructions
Link to Website


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An effective job announcement presents the relevant information in a brief, clear, organized, and understandable
manner. Additionally, it is uses language that is promotional so as to attract good candidates. The typical job
announcement usually contains the following components:

Name of Company: To avoid posting a “blind” ad, it is necessary that the name of the company be clearly
disclosed. The company’s name may be accompanied by such details as a DBA (Doing Business As) or an
AKA (Also Known As) notation, location or address (City and State), and website address.

Job Title: The title of the position should be clearly stated. For better response, the job title should be
descriptive rather than generic. An additional notation might indicate whether the position is fulltime, part time, temporary, or an internship.

Job Description: The duties and responsibilities of the position should be summarized. An organized overview
of the job functions should be itemized and concise but not detailed. The description should state typical tasks
and expectations and generally describe what the candidate will be doing on the job.

Qualifications: The job qualifications and technical requirements of the position should be itemized in a
concise manner, including such factors or prerequisites as education, experience, skills, proficiency, and
personal traits.

Education: Degree, academic major, coursework, training, grade point average.

Experience: Type of previous work, type of previous work setting, previous activities, length of service.

Work-related skills: Business, managerial, administrative, financial, sales, organizational, interpersonal.

Technical proficiencies: Computer skills, language skills, engineering skills.

Personal traits: Self-motivated, responsible, mature, outgoing, quick learner, team player, ambitious.

Key words: It might be necessary to state qualifications in terms of the sought skill level or extent of
experience by using descriptive verbiage (required, mandatory, desired, a plus, familiarity with, proficiency
with, extensive, thorough, strong, excellent).

Optional Notes: It may be necessary to include a note regarding citizenship requirements. To enhance the
attractiveness of the announcement, an ad may include a brief description of the company and references to the
training schedule, advancement potential, salary, and benefits.

Contact Information: All ads should include the name of the person to contact for more information. Contact
data may include mailing address, telephone number, and/or e-mail address.

Inclusive language: Job announcements should not include any discriminatory language. It is inappropriate, unethical, and in many cases illegal, to solicit candidates based on features such as race, gender, sex, nationality, ethnicity, age, orientation, identity, religion, or political affiliation.


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Name of Company: _____________________________

Job Title: _____________________________________

Job Description: _______________________________

Qualifications: _________________________________

Optional Notes: _______________________________

Contact Info: _________________________________


Company: Aardvark Company

Position: Store Manager

Description: Oversee business operations, supervise staff, coordinate sales, and ensure effective customer
service. Responsible for staff training and development, inventory control, merchandising, and sales reports.

Qualifications: Bachelor degree in management and 2 years managerial experience required. Experience in
sales and customer service desired. Proficiency with HR functions and inventory control helpful. Strong
supervisory and administrative skills needed.

Notes: Potential for advancement to District Manager. Annual salary range: $60-80 K. Benefits include medical
insurance and employee discount.

Joe Smith, Regional Manager
Aardvark Company
123 Corporate Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 555-5555


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