Policy and Instructions

The UM Career Development Center welcomes employers, recruiters, business representatives, community partners, and select vendors to the UM campus for recruiting and promotional purposes. We are glad to offer the opportunity for these campus visitors to set up an Information Table from which to conduct their recruiting and promotional activity.


We are happy offer two locations for recruiters to set up Information Tables:


--Farmer Hall, in the Dining Area, on the First Floor or Lower Level. Recruiters can choose from an Indoor or Outdoor option.


--Cafeteria, in the main area or in the annex area. Recruiters can choose from an Indoor or Outdoor option.


We are happy to discuss other locations on campus.

We will coordinate all aspects of scheduling and reserving an Information Table, including the date and time. Any employer, recruiter, or vendor interested in obtaining an Information Table must secure a reservation through the UM Career Development Center. Reservations must be made in advance. Availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We will offer a four-hour time frame within which a campus visitor may conduct recruiting or promotional activity. The standard time period for Information Table activity is 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. The campus visitor may use any portion of the allotted time.

We will provide a six-foot table and tablecloth. Campus visitors may use the table to post and distribute promotional materials on behalf of their organization. The posting of signage and other branding materials is permitted. The use of imprinted tablecloths, banners, balloons, and other décor is permitted. The distribution of prizes and snack items is permitted.

The Information Table is for recruiting and promotional purposes only. Special permission must be granted for
vendors who are selling goods or services.

Employers, recruiters, and vendors are to conduct their recruiting activity from the location of their assigned
Information Table in the Cafeteria or in the Dining Area of Farmer Hall and limit their activity to that area only. Unless otherwise agreed upon, campus visitors are not permitted to engage students beyond the immediate table set-up area, at individual tables where students are eating, or in other areas in the building or on campus.

With fair consideration, the UM Career Development Center reserves the right to refuse access of any individual or organization it deems inappropriate.


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The UM Career Development Center encourages employers/representatives to take full advantage of their Information Table as an on-campus recruiting opportunity. We support any promotional and public relations activities conducted by our visiting recruiters in their effort to provide employment opportunities to UM students.

For your Information Table efforts to be effective, we recommend a more active, rather than passive, approach. Feel free to engage the students and interact with them.

Give students who approach your Information Table a friendly greeting and welcome their questions. Be sure that your body language is friendly. Don't just stand there with your arms crossed over your chest, for instance. Chat with visitors, and find out what aspect of your business they're most interested in. Be prepared to offer specific answers to their questions. The trick is to draw them in without intimidating or overwhelming them. Get out from behind your table and get off your phone/computer. Often, exhibitors sit behind their tables while attendees stand looking down at them. Get up and engage.


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Make sure you have plenty of promotional literature, brochures, and business cards to give out. Distributing promotional items, gifts, giveaways, and prizes is usually very effective in drawing interest. Offering snacks is also a big crowd pleaser.


Feel free to add persuasive and eye-catching elements to your table area to build excitement and enhance your message.


Signage is of particular importance. It is certainly recommended that recruiters prominently display their company name and logo. Colorful graphics and bright images are very effective.

We further recommend to use of secondary signage to draw attention to special features that might inspire additional interest.

For example, if the benefits of your program or product are not immediately obvious, it could be very effective to post a sign on your table that says “Great Entry-Level Job” or “Excellent Growth Potential” or “Tuition Reimbursement” or “Great Salary and Benefits Package.”

Another example of helpful secondary signage might include signs that target the intended audience: “Attention: Science Majors” or “Seeking History Majors” or “Opportunities for English Majors” or “Open to All Majors.”

Use of technology can be helpful in communicating your brand. Video displays, slideshows, and other media typically attract attention. Be careful with loud music.


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